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Saw this at the store today and I had to buy it.

Saw this at the store today and I had to buy it.

I’m back

An Update

Hey Everyone!

If you haven’t heard (how would you have?), I’ve made it to the next round of the standup competition that I’m competing in put on by the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.


I’d just like to thank all of you for watching, liking, and helping me make it to the next round. I’ve been working on a LOT of new material so hopefully I will do a lot better.

I realize that my blog has not been pumping out as much content as I used to, or as much as I had planned to. If you check it out, I’ve made a lot of changes recently to the theme, and added some cool links (best of) at the top of the page that you should definitely play with.

Lately I’ve been spending a LOT more of my time on twitter, since it is a lot easier for me to write jokes and play with ideas quickly. I don’t want to spam you guys with text posts, but definitely expect posts based on a lot of the better tweets I’ve written in the future.

That’s all for now, but please follow me on Twitter if you use it (@atDevin — unexpected I know)

Thanks again!



I’ve recieved a bunch of messages telling me to change it to soaprah, and so the edit has been made.

Enjoy! (you’ll actually have to click & find it on my blog sorry about that)

I’m Devin, a comedian currently based in LA (formerly picturesandbadpuns). I write & create funny, original content on both tumblr and twitter.